Some of the benefits to having an automatic sprinkler system;

  • A custom designed sprinkler system will imitate rain falling in optimum amounts. This distributes water effectively over various landscape settings maximizing plant and lawn health and growth.
  • An automatic system on average adds 5-7% to the value of your home simply by being in place. Additional value can occur by the increased appearance of your landscape a system can help ensure.
  • Waters in the early morning hours, when wind and evaporation are at their lowest, ensuring maximum effectiveness. An installed rain sensor ensures that your system only runs when water is actually required.
  • Eliminates bulky, inconvenient hoses and watering cans. Hand watering often times results in using more than DOUBLE the amount of water actually needed.
  • System is programmed to run automatically, preventing the possibility of forgetting to water lawn, gardens or expensive plantings. Also saves valuable time you would spend hand watering, and runs regularly even when you are away on vacation.
  • Program run times are customized for all landscape needs- areas of full sun or shade are considered to prevent brown, dry spots or over watered and damp spots for example.
  • System controller is programmed to meet local water restrictions or regulations.

Residential and Commercial Installation

A professionally designed underground sprinkler system is a crucial piece to maximizing the health of your lawn and landscape. An automatic system will save you time and money as well as raise the value of your property.

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Repairs and Trouble Shooting

If you are experiencing difficulty with your system, whether it be simple or significant, we've seen it all and can fix it all. Schedule an appointment for an experienced irrigation professional to meet any of your service needs.

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Seasonal Maintenance

Our ever changing New England climate necessitates special care be given to your irrigation system. Schedule appointments to have your system started up and evaluated in the spring and carefully winterized in the fall.

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